Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paula Abdul 911 Call

There was not much in the recent news about Paula Abdul ... Until today. On Holiday love at 4:35 pm, Paula Abdul made a phone call to 911, sobbing hysterically.
While he was driving his car with her boyfriend, and called 911, said a worker: "I want to go, and he will not let me!" Abdul then continued to ask her companion said, "Are you gonna take me 'cause I have a phone in an emergency?"
Seconds later, and it seems that the situation has gone and tells the operator that her boyfriend Abdul was going to drop her off. Later in the day, Abdullah refused to provide the police report, claiming that the altercation was an argument, and not at all physical.
Abdul has not spoken publicly about the incident, but no news delegate as saying: "Arguments with relatives in the often heated. After the call and made all that has been reached.
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