Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In a time when it seems like publicists plan the liberation of sex tapes - for an attempted boost in their clients celebrity status - like a standard press release, a sex tape with UK supermodel and internet superstar Kelley Hazell has recently surfaced. I'm not sure what this will do for her career but... she sure knows how to give a good hummer!

he notion that teens in United States engage in oral sex rather than intercourse to maintain "technical virginity" was rejected on Tuesday by a study examining sexual practices of U.S. teens. 
Previous studies in 2002 - 2005 had articulated that teens engage in oral sex in order to preserve their "technical virginity". But, the new study that falsified the previous studies was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health; the study was based on a survey conducted on 2,271 females and males age 15 to 19.   
According to the survey study, 55 percent of the teens said they had engaged in oral sex but that this practice was far more common among those who also had engaged in vaginal sex. Teens admitted that they began vaginal and oral sex at roughly the same time - by six months after first vaginal intercourse, 82 percent had also engaged in oral sex.

Sex is a physical act of intimate touching or penetration that can result in biological reproduction and/or feelings of intimacy. While "sex" can refer to intercourse between a man and a woman, it can also describe other acts, including anal sex, oral sex, and can refer to homosexual encounters, as well as heterosexual encounters.
Sex is the way by which all mammals reproduce. During sexual reproduction the female egg (ovum) is fertilized by the male sperm to produce and embryo, which then develops in the female's uterus. Contraceptive devices may be employed by people who wish to have sex but not reproduce.
Though sex has many positive associations, including reproduction, pleasure, and intimacy, there are many negative aspects of sex. Unprotected sex can lead to the spreading of diseases, and can cause unintentional pregnancies. Sex has also been a high point of controversy throughout history. Many religions consider sex outside of marriage or sex with a person of the same gender (homosexuality) taboo, and standards continue to evolve regarding at what a age a person should first become sexually active. The portrayal of sex on television and in movies in the U.S. is highly restricted, for fear of enticing young people to become sexually active. In the same vein, a large-scale debate continues in the U.S. over whether or not children should participate in sex education courses at school, and at what age they should be taught about sex.

Recently, on my Facebook page I posted the question: “What is the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to you in bed? How about the sexiest?” While I was prepared for a bunch of funny replies, instead I got a mixture of romantic and just plain gross replies. Some examples:

“I think I just pooped.”
“I think we made the rains come.”
“You busted my vagina.”

Really, I was looking for phrases uttered in the heat of a passionate moment, before the orgasm and well before the post sex chatter. For example, a friend of mine once told me that her boyfriend would always yell out “Give me a son!” when he got really worked up. Then there are the people who like to call out their lover’s name or talk as though they are in the midst of whatever sexual fantasy they are having.
Dirty talk is a really interesting part of sex because it is so cerebral for both people. If something naturally comes out of your mouth during sex, it’s a pretty good indication of what turns you on, but the way your sexual partner reacts to what you say can either work for or against you.

Many things, though, like the explicit depiction of sex, weren't as socially acceptable. In any medium. Which is a funny thing, considering that just about the first thing we humans do with any new medium we come up with is test its ability to arouse. The cave painters had their depictions of fertility rites, the Bible had its Song of Solomon, and what many consider the world's first novel, Lady Murasaki's 11th century Tale of Genji, is, among other things, an erotic journey. It wasn't long after the first photo was snapped, in the 1820s, that people were getting undressed in front of these newfangled cameras.

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