Thursday, March 17, 2011


Madurai, March 15 / Xinhua / Madras High Court allowed the petition of the Iraqi Central Bank is seeking to condone the delay of 118 days to appeal against the ruling of the lower court acquitted 17 people, including the DSP, in the newspaper Dinakaran 2007 Office of the offensive.

Posted Division judges seat S Rajeswaran, GM, Ali Akbar matter for hearing on March 22, and accepted the CBI that the reason for the delay because of the time it takes to get approval from the center.

Lost three staff members of their daily lives in the attack on the office in May 9, 2007 following the publication of a survey which gave the advantage to the Deputy Prime Minister and Karunanidhi 'son MK Stalin on his brother and the Union Minister Alagiri them to succeed the father.

The newspaper is owned by Kalanidhi Maran of Tamil-brothers and Union Minister Dayanidhi sons of major mergers and Prime Minister Karunanidhi.

Seven of the eleven people in a different category under sections.

He accused the deputy chief of police V. Rajaram, who was on duty at the time of its occurrence, and its failure in the performance of his duty. Principal and district sessions judge n.
Retnaraj acquitted all the accused in the December 9, 2009 on the basis that the prosecution failed to prove the case beyond all reasonable doubt.

He said the Iraqi Central Bank, said "the court should have considered the evidentiary value of the prosecution witnesses (1 employee newspaper 'in the complaint that led to recording the first information report)."
"Since he had turned hostile, can not be ignored testimony in its entirety. The court must be wrested the truth about the part of his testimony."
He believed the Iraqi Central Bank and the video footage of the incident has aired on various channels, and pictures were published in daily newspapers, there is no need for a review of identification in this case.

The central bank said the Iraqi statement determine the width, if carried out in this background, it was a farce.

The Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) to find photographs and video clips to be genuine on the basis of solution.

He said the CBI court had erred in ignoring the opinion submitted by the CFSL, and held CFSL report that no one scientific and the application of any scientific mechanism to determine whether there was manipulation or not.

The agency said the investigation in court had failed to adopt a proactive approach to the truth.

Dissemination of the survey may have been strained relations between the families of Karunanidhi and Marans, but patched in later.

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