Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hot Sex

College students are doing what they’ve been doing for decades – having lots of fun and lots of sex – while they are busy entering adulthood. The difference, today, is that social media makes it easier than ever to meet and connect.
I feel that, as long as they are using protection, this is the time for them to be exploring their sexuality. Kids often go a bit wild, at first – finally being free of their parents’ restrictions. But that’s to be expected.
Some feel that the “hook-up culture” that exists on college campuses is about impulsive sexuality and little responsibility. (I say, that’s part of being a teenager…)
Well, there are always conservative groups that try to keep kids contained.
The “Love and Fidelity Network” is one such group, that has been targeting Ivy League schools. They want  kids to be able to have intimate, long lasting relationships – rather than casual sex.
Groups like this can be good for those who are more conservative and shy.
Some kids need lots of rules and boundaries, because they don’t yet feel safe and secure; and these groups can provide a safe haven for them.
Personally, I think kids should practice safe sex – and not focus on long term relationships. They’re still young and growing and learning. This is the time for them to sow their wild oats – so to speak…
If kids get a strong enough foundation in their formative years – they should be able to have lots of experiences during college; and when they’re ready for something more serious, they will know it and will take the appropriate actions.
Growing up isn’t easy – it’s a struggle. And a process. We’re all different – and we all need to honor each other’s processes.
So, if you feel that you need to sleep with lots of people, as a way to find yourself – go for it. Practice safe sex. And keep up your studies.

And that's the final answer to a question about what women say they would rather do when given a choice between saving $50 a week or having more sex.

Sorry, boys. It's the economy.

A national survey conducted by AOL's and found that, in these hard times, most women were happy to have more spending money than spending more time in bed.
And New York women asked the same question Sunday said the poll is spot on.
"Two years ago, I would have responded differently, but in these times, money is definitely a priority over sex," said Tracy Miller, 35, a bartender in Chelsea.

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