Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chris Brown Leaked Photos

Chris Brown once again the buzz on the Internet. The least we can say is that the case might make more of a conversation. Late last night, and moving social networks of many rumors about nude photo allegedly Chris Brown. Did not count on writing who began his research and bingo .. Shock of a new image after one of its aggression against Rihanna. Rumors are true, has caught up with Chris Brown's image in the mirror, naked. This explains how this picture fell on the network.
For his girlfriend, Chris Brown decided to take naked in front of his bathroom mirror with his iPhone. He sends his girlfriend malware. Have been published after a few days. Is intended to be the last. Link Worldstarhiphop which revealed the deal is no longer valid, but is still available if a little weasel. He was found on Twitter. Shortly after the images on the internet so he tweeted "WTF! Here we go!" Chris Brown and then delete this situation. Did not occur after his agent on this topic. And you, what do you think this hype is the new version of the artist? Nasty, indifferent or happier?
Tell us what you think in the comments. What do you think in pictures? Have you seen them? Do they make you change your mind about Brown?
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