Friday, March 18, 2011

Haiti News

Standing on top of a hill of rubble and twisted iron cement is surrounded by temporary shelters wrapped in cloth fabrics dotting the surrounding hills, took the Rev. Mark S.. Hanson, President of Bishop Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), in the sights and sounds of everyday life in Haiti.
Beside him, and the Rev. Joseph Livenson Lauvanus, Haitian President Lutherienne Église (the Lutheran Church in Haiti). "We are not Haitians determined by the rubble, but by the restoration, because we the people of Resurrection," said Hanson's Lauvanus. Lauvanus hosted during the visit of Bishop Hanson, president of Haiti February 21 to 22 Lutheran Church visited two of the leaders of many of the projects supported by the recovery of the author's name in Haiti, which began in 2010 following the earthquake in January
And destroyed by the quake, which occurred in a part of the south and center of the country near the Caribbean from the capital Port-au-Prince. He died nearly 250 000 people, injured some 300,000 people and displaced more than 1.5 million people. Most are still living in the camps.
The focus Lauvanus Lutheran Church in Haiti to transform the lives of Haitians by "accompanying" them as they rebuild their country and its economy. He expressed gratitude for the author's name Lauvanus support in helping to make this work possible.

Members gave the name of the author of more than $ 12.6 million so far on hunger in the world the author's name and the appeal of the disaster response to the earthquake that occurred in Haiti, which is used to provide relief and recovery. During February 2011 about $ 4.2 million of this money spent for work in Haiti for the Haitians and sent to the United States to receive medical care. And will use the rest to continue their efforts in the redevelopment plan for five years.
We can be part of the solution, "said Lauvanus." We are talking about how new life can rise from the rubble. We are talking about the Renaissance. Talking about the shift because the Gospel is good news. People are not alone. Christ is in the midst of them.
Hansen said he was impressed by a comment Lauvanus' Haitians will not be determined by the rubble, and that they are "the people of the resurrection.
I saw this statement literally live out over and over again, "adding," This does not mean reducing the size of the poverty or the task that lies ahead. It speaks to the resilience of the people of faith we have faced, and why we need to continue to accompany Haiti. As often happens, we receive so much as in the case of these relations and give.
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