Monday, March 14, 2011

Radiation Exposure

World Health Organization said on Saturday that public health risks of radiation leakage caused by earthquake damage at the site of a nuclear reactor in Japan, "it seems 'very low', but the WHO global network of medical experts willing to help if asked," reports Reuters.
"At this moment it seems that this is the case that the public health risks and possibly very low, and we understand that radiation had escaped from the station is very small in size," said Gregory Hartl, spokesman for the World Health Organization, (Nebehay, 3 / 13). "At least so far, what we were looking at it is like Three Mile Island from Chernobyl," said David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, New York Times in an article studying the implications of possible radiation leak. "He said that about one million once released from the partial collapse core at Three Mile Island in 1979," The radiation from Chernobyl in 1986 caused the Chernobyl disaster in an epidemic of thyroid cancer and a slight increase in leukemia cases, according to Brenner. After Three Mile Island, "and there is no evidence that anyone at all got sick, and even decades later," said (Grady, 3.13).
Humanitarian assistance, search and rescue teams and the arrival in Japan
Has sent the United States and other types of military aid to Japan to help in relief efforts after the earthquake, the Los Angeles Times.
"The strike Ronald Reagan set the carrier, which includes a cruiser, destroyer and support ship combat, and was on its way to the east coast of Honshu, and is expected to arrive Sunday .... and took Fleet Major 7, Blue Ridge, on the left to provide humanitarian assistance / relief package in case of disaster on Friday night in Singapore, on Saturday morning, is expected to arrive March 18, "according to the newspaper. USAID, "sent two of the cities to search and rescue ... all the teams have about 72 members, dogs and 75 tons of rescue equipment" (Dilanian, 3 / 12). Said White House spokesman Jay Carney, "according to the directives of President, we have provided all our Japanese friends to help as needed America will stand with Japan because they recover and rebuild," according to Agence France Presse (03/13).
Reuters reports on the global response to the earthquake in Japan. "The firefighters, trained dogs, have been suggested clothing and food in the flow of Solidarity with Japan, with offers flowing from about 70 countries, said officials at the United Nations," The news service writes (Nebehay, 13/03). At the same time, told the Financial Times writes about the humanitarian situation on the ground. "The magnitude of the humanitarian crisis facing Japan, it became clear Sunday night, nearly 300000 people have been displaced and dazed by the earthquake and tsunami to the bottom of the beds in temporary shelters in emergency situations in Miyagi and Iwate, the provinces," the newspaper writes.
"I arrived in 2000 the number of official death as of Sunday night, but media reports quoted police officials and rescue workers Japanese saying that the death toll has risen steadily and reports of huge numbers of people unaccounted for could push the final outcome to the 'tens of thousands,'" New York Times financial reports (Robinson / Nakamoto, 3.13).
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