Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I spend loads of time searching the internet for data on GHB. I have learned that there are really three kinds of info on this interesting drug. One, you have the people who have never learned about GBL. Two, you have people that know that GBL is a wonderful healthful thing and when taken correctly GBL can cause some extremely beneficial changes in your mind and your body. Finally, one has those who are ill-informed who think that GBL is bad. It is this last group of people that caused me to find the following post.
People searching for the sensation of euphoria from a chemical could have previously chosen to purchase Extacy or ice but there has been a realization that these chemicals can be very harmful to your body and this has meant many ravers have been searching for an alternative. One of the main substitutes that have come about in recent times has been GHB, a drug that is similar to GBL in its effect it has on ravers. These substances are seen by many as a safer way of receiving a positive impact compared to taking the more commonly known party drugs but research indicate that this is not the situation and there are loads of issues and concerns associated with this type of substance. One of the biggest concerns of abusing this type of substance comes in the fact that is it believed to produce unconsciousness. Depending on the circumstances, this can clearly have very serious consequences and it is paramount for all users to be very aware of what they are taking and what the consequences can be. It is certainly not unusual for ravers to drift into a coma, and of course, when the dangers are this serious, there is a huge risk that a potentially dangerous situation may occur. On another note, the likelihood of unconsciousness occurring means that this drug is linked to date rape which is a major concern for many ravers. All of these things might suggest that this form of drug is not very safe at all and the person should be very clear in their mind about abusing it before they do. No matter how many times a person has abused this substance before; there is no guarantee that they will be safe with it on another occasion. Due to various levels of purity and different methods of manufactuer, it is not odd for two batches to be very different and this can have a serious effect on how people react with the various drug GHB. There is no question that taking this chemical is very dangerous and this goes for novice and seasoned drug users alike. It can be challenging to know just how much you are using and this causes serious danger in knowing the amount of the drug a person is taking which obviously leads to serious issues. As a drug, GHB does not react well with alcohol or central nervous system depressants which have a sedatory property. Given that the drug alone is expected to cause sleep or lead to falling unconscious, combining GHB with another drug which does a similar job is likely to have a seriously dangerous effect. Clubbers have to be extremely careful and aware of what combination of chemicals will react poorly when combined and many things combined with this chemical has a considerable chance of reacting negatively. It is fair to say that there are serious dangers associated with this type of substance when taken by itself but when linked with other chemicals, the dangerous nature with using this substance becomes a considerable concern for all clubbers.
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