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Health Woman Body

Each sex and various health measure. On a scale of women is the location and the percentage of fat in the body. Fat is an issue for everyone, but women's fat is a measure to determine his health. This is because the site as well as the accumulation of fat in the body can affect one's health.
Women, of course, more body fat than men. This high percentage of fat because women tend to experience the level of water (drinking water) is higher as a result of menstrual cycle, as well as hormonal changes that occur due to pregnancy or menopause. Can be planted or the accumulation of fat affect one's health. We recommend that there is fat in the body does not accumulate in the stomach.
Fat to accumulate in the abdominal area in danger because he can release inflammatory fatty acids associated with heart disease and cancer.
Women who have large hips and thighs also have a higher risk of dangerous clots, even though the women of their ideal body weight. Therefore reduce the proportion of fat in the abdomen, hips and thighs can make women more healthy.
In addition, the percentage of fat in the body and also have an impact, because the ratio is too low or high can affect one's health. In a certain amount of fat and function to help organize the body temperature, energy saving and protection of organs in the body.
Fat is a healthy 10 percent of body weight. If the body fat percentage is very low, then the low level of energy and a low tolerance to the body of the disease, and prone to flu and colds or other infectious diseases.
However, if rates continue very high and usually causes obesity, which can be a serious threat to the health of women, which increase the risk of breast cancer after menopause, and uterine cancer, and is associated with birth defects, complications of pregnancy and affect fertility.
The percentage of fat is not limited to the physical form of fat or thin, because there are women who are thin but have a soft body with a high proportion of fat. But there are women with more weight, but have a low percentage of fat. For good health, you must be a high percentage of normal weight, compared with the weight of fat.
Therefore, women should constitute a healthy lifestyle, including in terms of food intake and exercise regularly. In this way the amount of natural fat and non-accumulation of fat in the abdomen, so that women could look more healthy with the shape of the body beautiful.

Vitamins to improve public health

While women are faced with a range of health concerns, which each need individual assessment, the importance of bone health serious. Statistics show that nearly 10 million Americans currently suffer osteoporosis, with eight million of those are women. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass in which bones become weak and can break from slightly lower or sneezing simple.
According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, and calcium and vitamin (d), and two of the most important nutrients to fight this disease. Recent studies also reveal that calcium may help relieve PMS symptoms such as bloating and moodiness. Calcium also helps muscle contraction, and blood clots in the body to maintain normal blood pressure. Mix of foods, such as shrimp, spinach, and fatty fish, eggs and dairy products, is the best way to supplement the body with calcium and vitamin D.
Iron is the latest in food is very important for women. This reduces fatigue of the metal through the manufacture of red blood cells, which in turn transport oxygen in the body. Without adequate iron supplies, red blood cells diminish, and the women begin to feel weak and vulnerable to the fall of the disease. Jackie Newgent, registered dietitian, states, "women need more iron than men because they shed red blood cells when you are menstruating."
Most women do not live up the recommended daily allowance of 15 mg (30 mg for pregnant women). Meat and fish are the sources most likely to survive than iron. Lean steak, chicken, lobster tail, oysters and some meat dishes to try. Other food sources of iron include pumpkin seeds, breakfast cereals, prunes, and whole-wheat bread.
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