Friday, March 18, 2011

About Facebook

Facebook is in Pakistan to be very popular in urban areas and, talking about Facebook in fashion. Pakistan is a country where people love technology.
Pakistani crazy about mobile phones, there are five mobile phone service companies in the country to meet this demand. The total number of mobile subscribers 95 million in July 2009.
Internet spreads very quickly and in accordance with the Preferential Trade Area, about 22 million people have access to the Internet until 2008. This must be the figures that a large proportion of before, but recent statistics are not available.
Numner compared to total Internet subscribers, users in Pakistan is very low. It is true that not all use Facebook in Pakistan. But everyone talks about this subject. The Facebook ban in Pakistan, a trick played by the Pakistan government, which was against the freedom of expression.

The following are some statistics on the Pakistani users Facebook:

The total number of Pakistani on Facebook: Total: 2423680

Men: 1602380

Women: 787 220

Adolescents: Total: 669 700

MALE: 407 720

Female: 259,320

20-30 years: Total: 1,398,600

Men: 930 160

Women: 447 740

Total years 31-40 years: 240 020

MALE: 179 400

Female: 53,480

The majority of users are male Facebook Pakistan with the age group 20 to 30, most of whom are college graduates and young Pakistanis. Adolescent population is also huge on Facebook.
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