Monday, March 14, 2011

cbs sports

My daughter 9 years of age are not exactly the biggest fan of sports in the world. But I plan on making Watch her in the NCAA tournament with me. At least in the early rounds, thanks to the preparations for the Championship new broadcast. Traditionally, the CBS TV the entire tournament from start to finish which is quite a commitment - especially during the first round of the tournament when there is a total of 32 different games - 16 on Thursday and 16 on Friday.
But this year, there will be four separate networks that broadcast the first round: CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV. In previous years, the CBS viewers switch between games, and this means that they switch from one to another if there was an explosion, or whenever something happens that convincing with a particular game. But now, the task switch no longer belong to CBS execs. It will belong to the viewer. Since my daughter will come in handy.
I am very excited for the new setting. It'll be way better than the old one. It was always frustrating when CBS is cutaway to another game if you're a big fan of the time one of the teams playing in the match network dissed suddenly without warning. In recent years, there was a solution to this - see the game of choice on the line. But regardless of connection speed, and fuel and is usually a bit jerky. In addition, there is no alternative to watch the game on TV.
Still, as annoying as can be cutaways, always thought CBS did a good job with them. Thanks to them, I felt as if you consider each one of the 32 games in the first round that do nothing but sit on your sofa for a few days. Now, to get this same feeling, you will have to become a master's degree from the switch.
Bring on my 9-year-old. It's a natural phenomenon. It's the only person I know who can watch four different TV programs at the same time. It's money with a remote control: fully capable of alternating between the "Rush big time," "Drake and Josh," "Shake it" and "cocktail" while somehow manage to get the essence of all of them.
Doubt me? Come over sometime. Although I am not 100% sure, which indicates that it is one of the nails, and I am sure of this: She does not do it well. Add to this that even I am able to follow-up.
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