Tuesday, March 15, 2011


May not be noticeable in most calendars, but if you're math nerd (or a nerd in general - which we consider ourselves, obviously), and you know what the March 14. It is 3 / 14, known as the first three digits of the BP. It has become a holiday since a slight geek of some kind, and prompted some celebrations unique to a certain extent over the years. One of the newest music comes from John Michael Blake, who interpreted for me to decimal places the first 31 musical notes and convert them to a song - played in 157 beats per minute, or less (or half of 314). As it turns out, however, Blake was not the first to put forward the idea - Lars Eriksson author of books himself, "My Symphony" a few years ago, and raised now a little bit of spitting the copyright on YouTube more than those who have already Rights, told in the form of musical . Face to face in the second half of last check of both versions for yourself.
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