Friday, March 18, 2011

Holi Songs

The festival of Holi marks end of winter season and is a great way of welcoming colorful and vibrant spring. Pichkaris, colors and people filled with different colors are seen celebrating everywhere and the festival creates a kind of social harmony people, eliminating difference between genders and the rich and poor.

Hindi Holi 2011 SMS

Jab bi aaye holi, laaye khushee bhi itni,
Ki zindagi bhar khushee kam na ho,
Dua hei aapki zindagi ka har din holi ho,
Bale he us holi mein ham nahi ho!
Aaap hamhare dil me rahate hein,
Isaliye hum aapki itnee khadar karte hein.
Koi hamse pahale aapko wish na karde
Iasaliye ek din pahale hei wish kar rahe hei
Holi Mubarak ho aap ko!

English Holi 2011 SMS
Green, yellow, red, purple, blue, pink…
please select any one good colour now,
and please close your both eyes,
and now you can feel the colour
on your body, your face, your arms and your legs…
This is my latest holi through sms style.

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