Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brad Womack

Again, Brad Womack is the new Bachelor for 2011. After Chris Lampton rejected the offer, Brad and Mac return to BA. The return of Brad and Mac Bachelor of CNN Hollywood's worst kept secret. Although several news reports claiming exclusive, Steve was the reality that breaking this news.
Steve was tweeted after initial hints of a return to Womack, "certainly looking like Mac and Brad is the next Bachelor. Again. Wow. Did not see that one. With an attempt to confirm 100%."
Suggested that when People magazine said Steve news, and readers in another direction. Steve tweeted "is not as common anymore. Will be Brad and Mac next Bachelor. We expect them to officially announce it." The meantime, the people contenders dropped to Lampton, Chris Brown, Tai.
The reaction is ....... Bad for the return and Mac's. Do you have any difficulty in finding Twitter positive reaction to the news even in the last ten minutes. "We chose Bachelor Brad and Mac ... again? Dumb. I will not be watching that one." Know the news of another pending and he was still bothered him. "Wow Brad and Mac is a Bachelor of new again.'ve Talked about this before and I think I am still inshock.
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