Friday, March 18, 2011

About Sex

Freud called female sexuality "dark continent", and if this is true, sexual activity for males may also be eligible for a planet of darkness. But when it comes to sex, men are simple, right? It is not true. The bedroom is one of the stages of the performance of a large male, and as such, what you see and hear is usually the role, not a reality. No wonder, in an attempt to satisfy the actor, a woman who loses sight of the real identity of the man. Here are 10 "expose" facts you might want to know the following:

1. We respond to praise
It is believed that it is consumed men have sexual desire that we have no self-awareness surrounding sex. But men do not differ from women when it comes to complement the incentive for sexual confidence. Can be delivered this praise before reaching the bedroom (give us once more to tell us how to look orange), and after (give us once more that tell us how the orange look naked). Along these lines, men worry about the size of the courage (and other measuring devices), hair (or lack thereof) and other qualities. Try to be extra stressing on these sensitivities.

2. Fear of intimacy ...
... But not for the reason you think! Studies have shown that boys are more affectionate, and even more an expression, of the girls until they reach school age. At that time, and social repression, starting from the words and ideas, feelings, and desire human contact goes underground. That taboo and this desire for intimacy that can have the potential to intimidate men, and not to stifle it, but because we know how desperate we are for it. What a woman to do? First, understand that your man at some stage after the hasty withdrawal from sex may be a shock for over craves contact with you (and how much he denied it in life). Then fell slightly yourself. This gives him time to see that boy habits, in fact, quite manly.

3. We appreciate the sex sex in Sake
Having said that about intimacy, and sometimes a little "sex-throw-me-down" is the right medicine. In accordance with the atmosphere Kurt, PhD, a psychologist and specialist in the science of sex, "men want their wives to enjoy sex rough, and not just take it or take it personally. For men, it's not domination of a woman, but her enchanting." Sometimes, in an attempt to allow him to mesmerize you.

4. We are not just for our ...
Penis gets all the newspapers, but men have "a lot of erogenous zones," says psychologist mélodie Schaefer, PsyD. "Men tend not to correct the women because they fear women will close and no contact with them at all. But there are many places that a woman have to touch." Such as the chest, thighs and face. Two other key areas: It can be gently sweeping the testicles man in turn be real, because it mixes with the release of control. Also, you will stimulate the perineum, the area between the anus and scrotum, increase pleasure during sex through the mouth.

5. We encourage Fantasies
"Men want to share fantasies and anxiety, but their wives and shame or judge them," says Dr. Kurt. Similarly, Dr. Schaefer reports that women want men would reveal perceptions of their own. Want to open yourself to these possibilities? Try making a game of it. First and most important promise, and not to judge others, and then, especially writing scenarios that matter to you and put it in a box. When you close the next, and the withdrawal of one of the. If you are comfortable on both, and give it a shot. If not, Dr. Kurt recommends that the author put forward a key question: What about the fantasy Do you like this? Sometimes, the topics could be addressed in different scenarios and more comfortable.

6. Whether we like it when you talk
Talking during sex stimulates more than our ears. What kind of talk? Dirty, praising, useful and starts great. And entertaining as it may seem, the words women can make a man feel strong and virile and as a Roman Gladiator, even if it bank suburbs.

7. We need honesty
Sex can be resolved confirm the existence of a relationship, but in terms of stresses often appear. If we were to complain about lack of sex (or your doing certain things only on the birth of our rejoicing), and we may be overlooking serious issues that underpin the block like that. We need you to enlighten us. Often associated with Male ego to have sex, so it is easy for us to close the bedroom problems and lack of attention to female issues, rather than to the part where we have to avoid these problems, but only perpetuates the feeling of the unseen and our frustration.

8. We enjoy dancing
Men like to seek good, but unfortunately, these days, and there are very few. But romantic earn this distinction. Allow us to court for you; you want to make us deserve. Dr. Kurt makes a point further: "emotional intimacy and closeness about it, but the demands of sexual desire to maintain a certain amount of distance." How to strike this balance difficult to couples? By allowing each partner to what he calls "a separate nationality": sexual life, which does not include, but are not betray, and the other. "For him, this means allowing his wife to use a game or allow other men seen;, might be to allow him to watch pornography in order to experience the imagination." This immersion helps to maintain a balance between the desire and dedication to both parties.

9. Can we explain the child pornography
Find a couple with child pornography cause Top couples seeking counsel, "said Dr. Kurt, but should not be overreacted or pathologized. There are a few things to clarify: 1. Sex addicts do not represent only 4 percent of the population, so it is likely your one man. 2. Because the impact of childhood experiences of sexual activity in adulthood, and a very idiosyncratic people about what turns them on. In other words, says Dr. Kurt ", any woman, can not and should, be all things to man." However, the question remains: How can a woman do not take the pornography personally? First, determine if your partner is a compulsive disorder, or can only be sex, with pornography. If so, you may need to seek advice. If not, Dr. Kurt recommends that a company of child pornography through the discussion of that. Use the lens "about what he found out in return for what turns you off." In this way, you create a dialog that allows the dignity, honesty and convergence.

10. We always need, but not for the reason you think
The accused men as sexually insatiable, but women should rethink this. "A man sees sex celebration," says Dr. Schaefer. "They wish women would take more than a 'Diem carb' for it. We are moving through life at the speed of sound, with double the challenges and pressures. It is easy to allow the demand for our time and energy to rob us of pleasure, joy and opportunity that will allow us to have sex. On a long list of priorities, it should not be on the bottom rung, "If this does not make you want to" seize the day "(or anything else), and to consider the health benefits: the release of orgasms oxytocin, which is called" hormone interdependence "to achieve convergence between couples, while it relieves anxiety and tension, and reduces blood pressure and promotes healing.

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