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Developed for children aged 4 to 12, tell me more kids English (language) Full range is based entirely on speech recognition technology, making the program very interactive, progressive, and entertaining for children.

This tutorial also presents parents with the Learning Center. The Learning Center is designed to give parents the option to customize their children? S lessons at any moment. It will also allow them to follow up on their children? Second progress, limit access to certain games and activities, or consult and print out progress reports. This (language) English program also includes a timetable with the words 365 for enhancing learning.


* Language Programs English as a second language for children depend on speech recognition technology
* 2 user friendly mascots and 3 children through different adventures
* Each activity and 3 levels of difficulty; 300 hours of total learning
* 1200 activities; 3000 words; 1000 games, 15 categories of different
* Track progress; customize lessons; included headset with microphone

Adventures adapted to the child’s age:

* Two friendly mascots and guide children through three different adventures and help them to identify the English with entertaining themselves.
* Magic House (ages 4 to 7)
* City (ranging in age from 7 to 9)
* Regions of the world (ranging in age from 9 to 12)
* Pedagogical approach
* Progressive learning focusing on oral expression. Each activity has three levels of difficulty:
* Immersion to get into the habit of listening
* Understanding of where the child must understand the robot
* Expression where the child does not speak
* Amulets
* Professor Phileas and Kaliko the parrot to accompany children and encourage them to learn their English. Explains how to complete the activities – and of course, they entertain!


* Tell me More Kids English (language) includes very rich content, with 300 hours of learning (100 for each level).
* More than 1200 activities at this level.
That can be learned and practiced using speech recognition: * 3000 words.
* More than 1000 games in 15 different classes in this package, for the acquisition and spoken use of vocabulary and sentence structures. Examples include puzzles, scrambled letters, dictations, crazy pairs …
* More than 300 cartoons introduce children to improve English language and pronunciation, while they were taking part in the dialogues, which play a role.
* And put it on the karaoke stage and helps them to learn English!
* You can choose between interpretations of Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Croatian and Turkish.
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