Wednesday, March 16, 2011

China Nuclear

Will be accepting comments on nuclear power plants by the government so you can review and revision of safety standards in the wake of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan: China.
In addition, the State Council, relevant departments to conduct safety inspections in existing plants. China has 13 nuclear reactors in operation at least 25 under construction and dozens of others in the chart.
The Declaration was a clear signal that the crisis in the nuclear complex in Japan, would slow the expansion of China's nuclear ambitious, the largest in the world.
We are temporarily suspending approval of projects for nuclear energy, including those in the initial stages of development, "said the statement" must be fully aware of the importance and urgency of nuclear safety, and development of nuclear energy must be safety a top priority.
The State Council called for the use of "the most advanced standards" to move forward in assessing the safety of all nuclear power stations under construction.
Should be no risk to deal well with, and those that do not conform with safety standards must immediately cease its construction, "the statement said.
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