Saturday, March 19, 2011

Breast Engorgement

In the first few days after birth, mother's breast is still soft. This is where the product is a substance called colostrums, and milk first, and that is rich in immune factors that will protect your baby against infections. However, sometime between the third and seventh day, you may get engorged breast. When this happens the transition from breasts to mature milk, colostrum, and then your breasts will become full and firm, heavy, warm, and sensitive.
Breast engorgement is normal. This means that the milk comes in. Some women experience only a day or so of ingestion, a moderate, but acceptable to others, can be painful and can last for up to two weeks. Sometimes, the feeling of fullness and pain up until it reaches your armpit.
Cause engorgement occurs because the milk will flow normally 72 hours after birth. At the same time, more blood fills your chest as well as cause your lymph glands to swell. Experience breast engorgement varies from mother to another.

There are ways to ease the pain you feel during those days. Consider these tips.

    * Would be wearing a nursing bra fitted well to make it feel better. We must support your breasts do not feel like it's the era of the breast.
    * To avoid the accumulation of milk, and let your baby from breast feeding. If possible, every 2-3 hours. If your child is already filled with just one breast alone, provide the other breast to feed the next.
    * Before that breastfeeding and the use of moist heat on your breasts for a few minutes, or take a hot shower and a brief but did not take very long time because it may lead to worsening inflation. Using heat, and may be from breast milk to start flowing.
    * 10 minutes after breastfeeding, and use a cold compress to reduce swelling.
    * Gently massage your breasts from under the arm and the bottom of the nipple.
    * When your areolas is a company, do not breastfeed. This may be damage to your nipples. Instead, use a breast pump until softened.
    * To others, and cabbage leaves work wonders. Put the cabbage in the refrigerator and let it cool, and cut holes in the middle, and put it on your breasts.
    * If you're really in pain, take aspirin relieves pain is mild, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. But you should consult your doctor about this first.

Look at breast engorgement in a positive way. You may feel pain, but simply means that you are producing milk to feed your baby. Just be happy with this idea, which is full of your breast will not last forever. It should be a feeling of fullness and pain subside in a few days.
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