Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ram Survey

New Delhi, March 17: According to a survey by the British Council, as Germany occupies first place in the international league table of higher education, ahead of Australia, the United Kingdom and China.
Sort compares higher education systems in twelve countries in terms of access, quality and reputation
Degree, and support for foreign students and academics to encourage private study and research abroad.
The British Council in the poll at the World Education to continue to Hong Kong on March 10.
Tens of Germany in particular thanks to its internationalization strategy, which is active
Encourage movement in both directions, as well as through funding.
According to the British Council in the United Kingdom International Organization for Education, Culture and German institutions of higher education significantly and become more attractive to foreign students over the post
A few years. One reason for this is that more and more degree courses and even entire programs are running in English.
It has grown popular in Germany as a preferred destination for students of higher education in South Asia has grown rapidly in the past few years. It is worth mentioning that the number of doctoral students from India, ten times over the past decade.
This puts India ranked second in the tally of the top countries of origin of international doctoral students in Germany.
Description Ram Shankar, a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) PhD Researcher follow him from the University of Bielefeld, his experience in studying in Germany as a highly competitive and enriching.
Furthermore, in Germany, and students abroad do not pay any more than the tuition fees for students from home.
Universities in many parts of Germany do not charge any tuition fees, which means in those places students in overseas
Do not pay any fees at all. The survey also indicates a positive impact on legislation that allows for students to work in Germany.
Vikas Shabadi, a doctoral student in Darmstadt, Indian, describes life in Germany is relatively easy.
At the end of a day of hectic days of the week, and he looked forward to theeekends with festivals in vital urban centers that have a lot of food, music and wine.
German universities have a lot of work to actively promote itself in the region, particularly in India, through regular participation in education fairs.
South Asia Institute (SAI) at the University of Heidelberg, Freieniversitat Berlin (VO) and Uni Göttingen, and liaison offices in the region.
And also entered in the German universities cooperationgreements with Indian universities. In addition, many universities also launch specific initiatives such as India and scholarships to attract Indian students.
Fu Berlin, which was part of this project, internationalization, and expected that one third of its students from abroad can be in the future.
Herbert Grieshop, Managing Director of the International University Centreor Poster says: "We believe that global problems need global cooperation for research. And it brings feelings of our students and competencies they need in a market in a globalized world."
According to the University of Delhi, and a number of scientists studentsnd of South Asia has increased by about 30 percent in the past few years.
The majority of doctoral students, while some at the university on a temporary basis through the programs of the European Union Erasmus Mundus.
At the same time, that the Germans are more mobile students in all parts of Europe. There are more students who are studying abroad in Germany than any other European country, and it wants half of its students to spend at least a period abroad.
Dadullah said the Secretary-General, Dr. Dorothea Raland In response to Germany to win the top, the position of Germany in the top ranking is deserved to achieve higher education institutions we have.
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