Friday, March 18, 2011

Dukan Diet

Are obese give anything to get rid of some pounds. It is simple and to top it all off, whenever they see these celebrities with perfect fitness, weight loss full campaign takes the wrong turn. Prior to that, I mean, people who have no idea about dieting First, they begin to starve themselves. There is a huge misunderstanding, dieting does not mean starving, and in fact is to follow the diet only in the correct order and selection of food, which is supposed to be taken in a timely manner.
Can Dukan - not diet diet Dukan wonders for you. It was developed by the French in Nutrition (Dr. Dukan) several years ago. Since then, the program had amazing results Dukan diet and most of the celebrities used to maintain physical fitness.
Dukan diet works on the principles of 4 above. Advised the subject to hit the same hard disk, where more harm. Yes, the beginning to avoid fatty foods and stick to the pure protein diet. Break your meals, and take everything in moderation for a period of 20 to 35 days.
The next stage is to install the speed of the pack during your diet. Choose vegetables that include mushroom, salads, and sprouts, and fibrous food and spinach. And preferably boiled vegetables more than one raw.
The third step of Dukan diet is somewhat unsettling. It's about maintaining your weight at one point is selected. Stick to the mixture of protein and vegetables based on the routine diet. Break your meals into six parts, and drinking a large amount of water a day.
Finally, to achieve stability by taking yourself on one of the diet. You can eat a little something from your heart's desire, but treat yourself to a vigorous workout after the adventure of unwanted food.
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