Monday, March 14, 2011

CBS Sportsline

Launched the CBS SportsLine, an organization that Internet sports media and part of CBS Interactive redesign its community, providing registered users with more ways to contribute to the site and interact with other members.
Re-design community enables members to create a "reputation" on the site by contributing to the message boards, and communicate with other users, participate in fantasy games and the hesitation of the year for their behavior.
Users will have registered access to the data page of their own, and that can be customized with the gods or the logo and start the process of establishing a reputation within the community, CBS SportsLine.
Members starting with "amateur", and through its activity can develop into a "rookie", "Pro", "All-Star," and the top layer of "Super Star". Superstar members represent the top 5 percent of users have the right to additional rights and privileges on the site.
To start the championship basketball NCAA Division I Men's Superstar members will be able to cover the games of their choice and their work read by other users.
Superstar members will use the CBS SportsLine Glog to cover the March Madness. Glog is an abbreviation for "Register Game" and live text commentary of the game in hand. Glogs goal is to benefit from the experience of the ovary to the Web.
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