Sunday, March 13, 2011

Current Time

Learn from this program in VB.NET 2008 LESSEN1 the current time on form
Welcomes you to VB.NET 2008 this is tutorial 1 and Gym_ my name in this tutorial I am going to show you how to add the current time on draft 1 thing we have to do is open our copy of 2005 or will more of the 2008 St. see on the left side and create open and we want to click to create this project will be open, we have templates window that young people can choose any type of application that you want. I'm going to make the beach the code and put windows in the application which is the symbol 1 in the far left and is highlighted then go down to the very bottom and you will see the box marked the default name and this so-called WindowsApplication1 project I'm going to change the name of this time, and then click OK and now after the download screen We have notice I do not have a tool window so I click on View and then tools, because such a figure displayed in all the time and not in the position of the discomfort of crap outer me I'm going to click the icon for the pin at the top of the window that will leave the window open all the time . Now what are going to do is click the icon for the label and draw a rectangle on the form we have. Then they were going to click on the icon timer and draw a box on the form to our notice ull it was placed at the bottom of the timer on the screen rather than the form of self such as VB6, etc. Now what we want to do is turn the timer while Figure 1 holds up so we double click on the part blank form that takes us into the Form1 load timer1 here we are in right. Hit enable = true, and then enter to take ...
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