Monday, March 14, 2011

the bachelor finale

Brad chose the Mac and Emily Maynard!
Chantal O'Brien was not given the final rose and sadness.
Brad was finally able to embrace his love for Emily after falling in love with her for a long time on the show.
After the Final Rose ceremony, it was revealed that Brad and Emily already had their cases. So they planned to be married, but postponed the wedding because of these issues.
But Brad says he is more in love than any woman in his entire life. Emily says she is still in love with Brad.
Although the issues facing since the show, and I think the two of them will work their cases. Said Emily to watch the show have a concern every Monday night, and looks forward to a new beginning with Brad now that the final had ended.
Emily and see exactly the same marriage to Brad!
I think that Brad and Emily will continue. Is not it?
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