Saturday, March 19, 2011

Woman Breast Feedling

I have breastfed a child of another person (my cousin), while they were to learn breastfeeding. You fancy health during and after pregnancy, so it was fine with it as far as my diet goes. We hope that this would help her learn how to latch on. I would like to consider allowing a very close friend of the family members or nursing my baby. - Christina
Not sure if this is something you feel comfortable. You just never know what other health history. People do not always "share" everything. - Thelma Tiemann
I would not, I do not want anyone but me bond with my child in this way. - Miranda pregnancy
Absolutely not. That would be devastating, and left my friend have sex with my man. It's something personal ties .... I am really in awe of people who do not mind. Not to say they are wrong ... It's just not my thing. - Mary
With so many ideas floating around, we asked pediatrician Dr. Cara Natterson for in the weight on this subject:
There is a long history of women breastfeeding other women's children (as in nursing), and this practice continues in many parts of the world - including pockets of the United States and occurs for a number of reasons. In developing countries, and women may help breastfeeding other women's children, because there simply are not getting the nutrition - in some parts of the world, and it's not like they can grab a bottle of milk. The development of this system of absolute necessity. But in other places, women are choosing to use the breast milk of other women (pumped in some cases, given in a bottle, and not in some cases) because they believe that the health benefits outweigh the risks.
There are many diseases that can be transmitted through breast milk, such as hepatitis and HIV. Breast milk also contains metabolites (breakdown products of various drugs and chemicals, which dealt with women nursing mothers. So it may even more woman in good faith to expose her to something unknowingly. I worry about these health effects, particularly the risk of transmission. There are banks breast milk where you can buy pre-screened mothers breast milk, and this certainly adds a layer of safety. but it comes at a heavy price, and most parents can not afford to buy this milk exclusively.
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