Thursday, March 17, 2011


Slainte is the expression most commonly used in America Irish reader recently discovered our survey.
Slainte, meaning good health 'is an expression of the ancient Irish Slan derived from the word, which means safe.
It is used in different contexts, usually when dropping a pint of Guinness, you say 'Slainte, began before drinking.
Which literally means good health.
There are many other slainte term use, such as' Is fearr Lg slainte on tainte "" Health is better than wealth "in Irish
Another expression is' Go back to terminal slan "may you go safe and this is what you say when someone leaves on a trip.
Good health for men Slainte bfear Na 'last derivative, which is used when drinking in the company of men.
Slainte mbean g, is the opposite of that when drinking with women!
Slan is another Gaelic term that sounds like Slainte but has a different meaning, and that means goodbye.
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