Friday, March 18, 2011

About Facebook Advertising

When we think of sites and social media like Facebook and Twitter, and there is no doubt that we are reminded of ads associated with those sites. Sometimes, these ads may be annoying to us more than we like, but individuals in the United States who engage in the use of social media and say that the presence of these ads is a very fair trade for the use of these various social networking sites. Moreover, about 15% of users (more than 30 million people 13-80 years of age) and say that there is a better chance of them buying brands that are advertised in their pages and social media, while 25% of users have a desire to Search brand appears on the page of their own.

I am in love with Facebook. I have discovered that social media only at the end of 2007 ... I understood immediately that was exactly what I was looking for ... And yes what I was looking for without knowing really? I realized once I got it ... :)
Facebook gave the interface simple and intuitive to me the opportunity to tell people about my life, my friends, and I like things, and the music I listen to very much more ... No wonder Facebook such extraordinary success.
But was also seen as a great business Facebook in October 2007, Microsoft announced that it bought a stake of 1.6% of Facebook for $ 246 million ... The company's value at more than $ 15Billions ...
But why is Facebook worth so much? As well as possibly because users with 70 million people, Facebook is already considered one of the pillars of the new era of communications ... Effective evaluation is very similar to what one of the major television broadcast networks ...
In fact, for this article I just checked Google Finance to consider the market capitalization (the language of your company is worth) for network TV ... The first one I found and CBS ... And guess what ... CBS and assessment of $ 15.66 billion ... I'm either very lucky or it is very true that the media is in a revolution ... Or maybe both:)
But what can make the site with only a few years from the date of worth as much as much as a giant, 'and media company with operations in all of television in the outdoor, radio and publishing sectors. Segment consists of CBS Television television, which includes CBS Television, CBS Paramount Network Television and CBS Television Distribution, Showtime Networks and CSTV College Sports Television '
As well as could be the answer that we will not change the way we "live" Internet ... I can see myself actually walking home and switch on my plasma Apple and use voice commands or go to a touch screen on Facebook and start a video call with a friend of mine while choosing the TV to watch a series of selection of some of the recommendations and my friends at the same time be a target interactive advertising age New ... By that time, Facebook will be one of my words to music, chat, calls, video calls, and manage images and likely to facilitate my travel plans and shopping experience. Great is not it
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