Friday, March 4, 2011

Nz vs Zim

He will face New Zealand tomorrow in Zimbabwe cricket match 18 of the 2011 World Cup, Group A, Sardar Patel stadium in Ahmedabad and. Both teams have played two games each, resulting in victory and defeat. Kiwi side currently hold a position in Group 4 A with 2 points, while Zimbabwe's one step closer to the bottom of it with the same number of points. Win in this match is very important for both teams in order to maintain its position at the top four teams in the group. Zimbabwean side is counting too much on the attack, spin, and especially 34 years), and Raymond Price leg rotor Kramer. The African side uses the slow bowlers on the key at the beginning of discount tours. Commander Zimbabwe side looking towards Walton chigumbura victory.On for the second time on the kiwi on the other hand had planned to attack the bowling spin with full strength. He warned Kiwi bowling coach Allan Donald, who spent time with the price and other colleagues on Wednesday, to his team not to underestimate, "said Zimbabwe. "Zimbabwe played cricket fear, they do not stand back for one. I'd call it a state cricket uneducated but dangerous at the moment, knowing that he was out for a long time. The price is a significant impact on their youngsters. He's a passionate person who likes to get stuck in. You to be happy that it is not just aimed at fast he's got this mentality.
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