Thursday, March 3, 2011

In Page

Description: InPage publishing program is very strong that handles Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English and another language with the level of ease and harmony has not been achieved before. Based on the engine of the state of the art property strong multi-lingual, InPage provides full flexibility to use the language of all, whether it is used separately, together or integrated in your document.Based globally acclaimed Noorinastaliq Line, InPage View WYSIWYG display nastaliq in Urdu script. This enables you to layout your documents accurately, aesthetically and in double-quick time.Running under Microsoft Windows, InPage makes publishing not only easy, but fun, too. It is easy to create a design as a one-page document as a book 1000 pages. You can import photos from most popular formats in your documents, take them on the fly, write text and create tables in any direction and then dress it up with built-in color and other typographic / InPage features.With creative, you have finally found a set of programs that combining the power and flexibility of desktop publishing with the beauty of Arabic calligraphy writing nastaliq.
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