Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrestlemania 27 Results

The old guard, who stole the WrestleMania 27. The contractor will return for Triple H to go to WrestleMania as classic. The Rock Wrestlemania moment of his own to close the display and Stone Cold Steve Austin threw a pair of wonderful thing that sold out crowd rocking!
The Rock as guest host to open the exhibition. No need to wait to see the Great one right? Left out of the rock his claim at the press conference and hit the ring full workout attire. Did not get the reaction he was crazy to get raw, but could have been the acoustics of the big arena.
Rock rallied the crowd with his promo. Chanted Rock "struggling" and the crowd chanted "Mania" (guess he was not in on the meeting which was held recently.) Rock cut a brief promo for John Cena, who the crowd booed big time. No mention of real distinction. The essence of promotional and despite the fact that being a rock fan and reduce the level of a very "Promo Rock", and tell the masses how great WrestleMania was going to be.
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