Thursday, April 7, 2011

Constantine Maroulis

Constantine Maroulis:
Adam Shankman decided a few days ago brought in Diego Gonzalez Boneta, a Mexican actor appears in the teen-friendly, such as “90210″ and “pretty little liars” – and also accomplished singer – the lead role of Drew in his filmic version of the “rock of ages “.
According to the disappointed fans of Constantine Maroulis, who scored the Tony nomination for his portrayal of the aspiring singer in the Broadway production and most recently with the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. He said he understands why fans Shankman felt strongly, but did not believe Maroulis suit the needs of his film.
Constantine was perfect as Drew in the play, “said the 24 frames Shankman,” but the fact of the matter is that I cast in age, and you want someone who does not have to work 20 or 23 but is in fact 20 or 23 [Maroulis is 35]. A person’s health is in fact that age is important.
He said he understands the fans Shankman facility to “American Idol” contestant before, but believes that others should have the opportunity in this role. “It would be like saying Ethel Merman is the only one who can play Mama Rose, and this is a great example of being passed the torch.”
The director said he had reached Maroulis to see if he wanted in the smallest part in the film. He said in reply to a question about the reaction Shankman Maroulis’ of the journalist that he would not be playing Drew, “I can not put myself in the shoes of one. I can not imagine how difficult and must be handed a role.
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