Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mhada Forms 2011

Mhada Forms 2011
Mumbai: In the crossfire of Congress to the National Congress Party during the past two months, the Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority Mhada) and finally to help the more than 3500 house hunters achieve their dreams.
In the next few weeks, Mhada will hold a lottery for the sale of more than 3500 apartments under construction but nearing completion, which should be ready by 2011/March December 2012. The Satish Gavai, Vice President of Mhada, resolution. Should be announced new dates for the sale of models in the next few days. It is expected to be taken in the next few days.
The decision was taken by the state government after disagreements arose between the Minister of State for Housing Affairs, and Sachin Ahir of the National Congress Party and a member of Congress, Amarjeet Singh Manhas, President of the Council of Mhada Mumbai, the decision of the Council in Mumbai for the sale of houses under construction. He added that the Ahir Mhada, for being a government agency, should not be selling houses under construction. “If for some reason, Mhada building is not yet complete, and apartment owners bear the additional costs to pay the monthly premium on real estate loans,”claimed Ahir.
Occurs by this logic, the Mhada forced to abandon its ambitious plans, and only 870 apartment ready. However, Manhas considered that the rules set forth Mhada sale of apartments under construction. “If buyers can individual authors under the apartment building, why not a government agency? Secondly, contrary to the developers in particular, we are selling apartments on an area rug that is more affordable than it was in the open market, and we are confident that our decision is correct,” said Manhas.
Informed sources said that both parties had an eye on elections, civil service in 2012. “If they were able to pay the lottery for a large part of October, delivery can occur by March, although the expected code of conduct. Both parties will try to milk this.
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