Tuesday, April 19, 2011


420 being in all parts of the world, saying: code, date and time for popular culture cannibus We focus with more positive feelings and around the island and popular life, too, and reggae music.
We will release 420 limited pack in all the In4mation stores and Aloha with the Red Army, colorway, gold hello green hat along with the roots of your tee shirt and hello to MTV. One love, one Aloha!


In4mation is island raised the capital city, and the balance equal parts of the island and the forest-urban areas. Respect for our roots, while being committed to diversity and broadening horizons, and stay positive is the way In4mation life. Explore everything life and provides you with what it has to offer! With a distinctive style, with strong aesthetic character and adaptation, In4mation pledges to create a unique and innovative high-quality street work / life style men's sports apparel.
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