Saturday, September 10, 2011

owl tattoos

you looking for tattoo more exotic than usual collection of flowers and fairies most commonly seen on women? If so, can tattoo owl be just the thing you are looking for. Long associated with wisdom and experience, and the owl represented in cultures all over the world since ancient times and to this day.
Owl has been associated with ancient Greece tattoosIn owl Athena, the Goddess who used it the ability to see in the dark through the "inner light magic" has come to report on what is going on after dark. Maybe you consider yourself a bit of "night owl, if so, the tattoo can be an owl design ideal for you!
In cultures all over the world by the Americans to African and Asian countries, and the owl, long regarded as a messenger able to pass from the mortal world of the spirit, making the owl tattoo idea is attractive to many women who love to give a more spiritual.
Owl designs most commonly seen on women tend to focus on items that are most attractive in the owl, which confirms the view of a broad and colorful metal blades of many owl species, but underestimate the "beak and claw" image preferred by men. , And a short zoom, and bodies of the albums fit perfectly well the tattoo females, which together with their eyes wide, and made it easy to portray the album in a way feminine.
And integrated designs tattoosMany owl owl to the largest scenes, trees, stars and rainbows are all commonly used to add a background and interest on the tattoo owl. Maybe an owl and moon tattoos give an aura of mystery that you are looking for? Tattoos can be an owl that looks great on just about all parts of the body and in all sizes. 'Fun' type owl tattoo, exaggerated eyes, and plump, colorful, tend to be worn on the bodies, arms or legs can be easily seen.
Can not face the nature of the album also lend themselves to "peek" over the top of an item of clothing. Instead, you may prefer a separate small owl to add a touch of sophistication.

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