Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wiz Khalifa

|"To be in front of people and being just a man "may seem like a dream is vague and ridiculous to be, but Thomaz Cameron,\ it may be more appropriate to think of crossing any reason. Known as Wiz Khalifa, the son of two parents military has always been the same to be the standard measured by the new cool. rap music since the third grade and start recording music at age 14 was probably a step in the right direction. This step better next time? inking a deal to platform documents after a meeting with Greenberg Benjy.\
"|Or 20 years, and may have left all this noise go to their heads,\but not clever. Also focused at all,\only saw this clever praise as an opportunity to work hard. In 2007, with the help of the famous MIXTAPE DJ, Green Lantern, and clever release of "growing season",\ which was followed by the "Prince of the City 2." \Sequel to "Prince of the City" \will soon grow so that the degree of its predecessor, the demand for music-Khalifa was greater than ever".

Unfortunately,\the relationship between the successor and Warner Bros. dissolved, and again, and ingenuity he found himself as an artist independently. Usually a significant barrier to any artist, and refused to allow the Wiz is not reached an agreement naming the main to slow his momentum. He hit and his platform running the Earth in 2009 and released three mixtapes highly acclaimed "Flight School,\"how to fly" \and cooperative with the rapper MIXTAPE New Orleans, LLC $ Curren, and "Burn After Rolling" album "deal. Or not deal "that followed in the fall for the first time in the upper part of the iTunes\" Hip Hop "chart, and remained in the top 50 so far".
"In the following months./both up from his fan base known as the "Gang of Taylor"\ and in anticipation for his new MIXTAPE day. Once clever drop "Kush and orange juice" in early 2010, it was clear that he had established himself as one of the stars of rap, the game is to watch the brightest young people. With an unprecedented array of downloads,\ not to mention all of the top search on Google as well as the number one topic heading on Twitter, and it seemed as if the whole nation was on the plane with the movement, \"Taylor Gang." He said many of the release of "Kush, orange juice," \I put clever as his class valedictorian, "junior XXL 10" and kicked open the doors he and his team were looking to walk through".

"|Fast forward a few months,/dexterity and records together platform announced proudly that these doors are those documents from the Atlantic Ocean,\ and a new home for Wiz Khalifa. After this great achievement in his career, clever soon embarked on a race in the famous round of "Rock The Bells" alongside legends such as Lauren Hill, Snoop Dogg\, immediately followed by a tour of a nation-wide label,\dubbed appropriately "awakening tour weeping"\ and after the receipt of common signals from many of the veterans in the rap, including Ross, Rick and Dede, and refused to humbly offer-- Drake to join his recent trip, it became clear that the Wiz has also established itself on the Internet the basic profile with more than 3000000 friends on Facebook and more than 1 , 000,000 fans following him on Twitter\. With the video for the first release of Atlantic Records, "Black and yellow to" \get stunning views of 30000000 on YouTube, there is no doubt about it: There must Wiz Khalifa album for the first time to be something great.|

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