Monday, May 16, 2011


Yoga is derived from the word yoke of work, it means that the combines - "a combination of mind, body, soul and spirit"
 Is a scientific method of physical and mental fitness. More than three hundred years ago it was originated in India. The purpose of yoga is to achieve the highest potential and to experience good health and happiness. Yoga can help to extend healthy and productive years of life and also improve our living conditions.
Yoga is not something that is very easy as it seems. Yoga can cause fatigue in some cases, but yoga a few tips can reduce the frustration that occurs during yoga.

Best yoga tips:

1. Consult your doctor
One should consult a physician before taking yoga classes whether it would be good for his health or not.

2. Read some books on yoga
Read books on yoga are very helpful for an individual to learn tips and yoga yoga as well.

3. Methods of Yoga
There are different styles of yoga such as fitness, stretching or strength. One should practice a particular style that suits your body.

4. The best time for Yoga
The best time for Yoga is in the morning when I was with an empty stomach, do not eat anything before yoga for at least 4-5 hours, and can make you feel heavy and tired, that's why the morning is the best time to practice yoga. Also, avoid eating anything after that I did with yoga for an hour at least half.

5. Important points
Yoga moves on breathing, it is a breathing exercise as well as for meditation as well, and so it is important hygiene for all. Bowel and bladder emptying and cleaning the nose, and throat clear before doing yoga.

6. Starting from the positions of easy
If you are a beginner then start with yoga positions rather easy with a bang of some difficult situations, which can cost you, so be patient and start with ease; to go with easy exercises and then move slowly for a period of difficult.

7. Care of your body
Slight movements of the practice and stop doing so if you feel tired.

8. Try different classes, with instructors
Every coach has his own way to hold classes in an attempt to classes with different instructors, and check with whom you feel comfortable.

9. Stretch
Attempt to stretch before and after the situation as it will help to avoid injuries.

10. Patience
Yoga Positions seem very easy but in reality it is not easy to do, so be patient when trying to position any new yoga.

11. Be scheduled
Be the deadline for yoga classes because the act of yoga positions in a sequence so make sure you do not miss any new yoga position. Try to find a partner in yoga class. Will enjoy and support each other.

12. Clothing
Try to wear loose clothing so that air can pass through it and that can be done easily movements.

13. In case of illness
If you are injured or ill, do not tell your boss that it can be addressed with some of the easiest positions of yoga that you can do easily.

14. Pain during yoga
If you feel pain during yoga, and made it clear that you're doing something wrong. One should feel the pain in the practice of yoga and if I felt that tried some other positions that fit your body.

15. Yoga Accessories
Use of accessories such as yoga yoga belt, foam blocks, pillows and rubber mats for the yoga practice yoga.

If you feel stressed, depressed or feeling anxious; just can not wait, and start practicing yoga. The mind can dull and tired limit creativity, and work efficiently. The practice of yoga can lead to a healthy life and prosperous as yoga has many benefits for managing stress, and physical comfort and spiritual revolution.
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